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HTA Advisory has a broad spectrum of clients across many industries. Often, it's only the business advisor who gets to hear about the exciting things our clients are doing. Our Client Conversation offers an opportunity for us to present our clients to our readership in a way that shares their passion for what they do.


This month we introduce you to Tori Allen Events

Tori, hi, thanks for taking the time to catch up today. I love your website, it features your event and flower styling business in a poetically beautiful way. 
What attracted you to start this type of business?

I started my career in visual merchandising in a beautiful store in Hawksburn. I loved playing with products and setting up different scenes for clients to experience. I also incorporated the use of flowers in a lot of my styling work in-store, so from there it was a natural progression to move into managing and styling events.

boatYou haven’t been in business long, tell me how Tori Allen Events started. What have been the initial challenges you have (or continue) to overcome as you build your business recognition?

I have been in business just over a year, which is exciting! Time fly's... The initial challenge I faced was the reality of it just being me; I make the decisions, I talk with clients; I do all the heaving lifting, accounting, business operations, marketing, etc, but as I have grown, I have been able to learn to delegate and surround myself with great people who help make my business what it is today.

As I meet more and more small-to-medium business owners and entrepreneurs, I’m learning that many are surprised at the positive affects their business has had on their life. Have your experienced this? If so, can you share a few of those surprises?

I have loved working for myself and have embraced the challenges that come with it. Owning your own business is addictive - it's constant and you go through many ups and downs. All in all though, having my own business has been really positive  - the feeling of knowing you can do it is extremely rewarding!

How does Tori Allen Events create an event or flower style that meets the clients requirements? How do you get to know your clients and make their event individual to their style?

I work with my instinct a lot. I always meet a client initially to discuss their event. They share their ideas and we brainstorm all the ideas we have; we collaborate to ensure their personalities and preferences are accounted for. From there, I develop a creative brief with the ultimate wish list for clients. This is always the scary part - pressing send and hoping they are going to be happy!

haven goldWeddings feature prominently on your website, but I know you can do all kinds of events, can you describe the range of events you do and provide a few (confidentiality respected) examples?

We have done lots of exciting projects from styling a Rickshaw to brand and range launches. We also work closely with catering companies to deliver to their client's specifications. The variety is definitely a great part of the business.

Tori, thanks! Apart from checking out your website, how can our clients contact you for more information?

Absolutely our website demonstrates the range of services we provide, but if there's something not answered specifically I can be emailed:

gownIf you and your business would like to be featured in a Client Conversation interview, please contact Melissa:









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