Debtor Daddy - Set & Forget Credit Control


Debtor Daddy is a brilliant credit control app that works alongside Xero to help you get your invoices paid faster. It's an automated reminder system that sends up to 5 email reminders to your customers if they don't pay their invoices by the due date.


Key benefits at a glance:

  • No more awkward phone calls - it does the chasing for you
  • Automated - so you can spend your time on other things
  • Easy to use - all you need is a web browser. 2 minutes to setup. 
  • Proven results - on average reduces debtors by 43% in the first 30 days of use

How it works:

  1. Each day Debtor Daddy connects to your Xero account and checks to see who has and hasn't paid
  2. Then it automatically sends email reminders to for any overdue invoices
  3. You can set the frequency and content for each reminder and even exclude specified contacts from receiving reminders
  4. Each day you'll receive a list of reminders that are scheduled to go out the following day, so you'll always know what's going on

To get started:

Visit to sign up for a free 30 day trial, then pay only $19/mth after that. You can cancel at anytime and there's no long term commitment required. Or alternatively reply to this email for a free demonstration or assistance with getting set up.

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