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Make way for the Xero Addon’s…There are a few Human Resources addon’s now that connect through to your Xero Payroll for employee information. The two that we like are enableHR andEmployment Hero.

In the SME market, which is approximately 2/3’s of businesses in Australia, Human Resources in businesses of 20 or less employees seems to be an area that business owners know they need to concentrate on, yet often find it difficult to stay on top of. Most small businesses don’t really have the need or the finances to have a fulltime Human Resources representative, yet with so many regulations and rules that apply to both employee and employer, it’s an area that business owners need to be across for the benefit of their employees and their business equally. But who has the time?
enableHR is designed for all businesses – large and small use enableHR as your default HR administrator to support your business in the delivery and recording of day-to-day HR transactions. Providing all the necessary candidate, employee, contractor and WHS advice, tools, templates and guides, enableHR makes good HR management straightforward and trouble-free. enableHR helps your business to remain compliant, allowing you to focus on more strategic business initiatives. It comes pre-populated with more than 100 checklists, letters, easy-to-follow workflows, processes and HR policies, enableHR saves you time and simplifies HR and WHS compliance. There’s no more need for the filing cabinet or paper files, it streamlines the recruitment process, manages the lifecycle of your existing employees and allows your employees to access their own portal to update details, record hazards and incidents, track and update training and qualifications, respond to tasks and access and upload documents into their file and access policies.

Employment Hero is much the same in that it’s a powerful cloud HR platform that helps you stay compliant, keeps your employees engaged and saves you up to 90% on the cost of traditional HR services. Employement Hero provides HR content, management tools, an employee portal, employee benefits and even outsourced payroll if you wish. The built-in Modern Awards are maintained by employment lawyers and the reports integrate with a number of online accounting packages including Xero. If you payroll is complicated and time consuming, you can outsource your payroll and let the experts handle it. What we love best is live HR support. Employment Hero’s team of HR advisors have the answers to your HR, payroll and workplace safety issues. Get the expertise without the overhead. A national team of HR business partners, employment lawyers and migration agents are available to help with more complex employment issues.

Human Resources is necessary to every business no matter what the size. With these fantastic and cost effective software addons, there is no reason why any business isn’t compliant in managing employees. Contact HTA Advisory today for more information and help get you set up. 


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