Why We Are Joining Xero’s Biggest Event - Xerocon

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As an innovative team, we, at HTA are always on the lookout for the best technologies that would help us improve our operations and better serve our clients. And this year, we won’t miss the chance of being part of the annual Xerocon.

We have been attending these events for over six years now and have been introduced to the best software and technologies that give us an edge in the cloud accounting industry. Our clients are also loving the positive changes that we apply to their business whenever we attend these occasions.

This year we are just as happy to be featured as one of the movers and shakers of the event. Here’s what our founder, Troy Townley, thinks of this year’s annual Xerocon:

“I always like to see the roadmap of Xero and where its ecosystem is going. It’s great to see the add on partners and other businesses—sharing and collaborating on ideas is what Xerocon is all about. This will be my sixth Xerocon and nearly every year I have found one or two products that I rollout to my business and to our clients. I’ll be on the lookout for anything that solves problems that we see in client businesses and makes us more efficient and saves us time.”

This is the very reason why the HTA team is supporting the whole event.

Aside from this, there are also amazing topics that we are looking forward to hearing about. Some of them include Anna Curzon’s keynote and Rachael Powell’s presentation on building positive workplaces.

With so much confidence and love for technology, Troy also invites everyone, especially the first timers to go and explore what this year’s Xerocon is about.

“I recommend first time visitors make time to see as many vendors and sponsors as they can. It’s a huge ecosystem and there is so many different products. You can never learn them all but Xerocon gives you a great introduction. Have an open mind about the change that is coming to the industry—don’t dismiss products without giving them due consideration.”

Read more inspiring stories about this year’s biggest cloud computing event on this link.

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