Why we love "the Worlds Most Inspiring Accountants" book (and you should too).


HTA Advisory is extremely excited and proud to feature in The Worlds Most Inspiring Accountants book published by Steve Pipe, Susan Clegg and Shane Lukas.

The aim of the book was to inspire accountants around the world to serve their clients better and to encourage them to make a difference in helping to restore the reputation of the profession.

There are 57 firms that feature in the book from every continent, ranging from small to large businesses and we are hummbled to be one of those.

In reading their stores you will:

  • See how they are generating growth, creating jobs and changing lives
  • Understand how they are making the world a happier and fairer place
  • Discover the four main types of services accountants provide that make all of this possible
  • Debunk the 15 excuses that prevent some accountants achieving their full potential
  • Learn how to build an accounting firm that is extraordinarily rewarding for everyone involved, both financially and emotionally.

The purpose of this book was for each of us to read these stories and understand the profound impact we have and inspire us (and other firms) to stand tall and proud.

Our business mentor, Rob Nixon, CEO at Panalitix is quoted as saying the book is..

"Truly awesome. Undoubtably the BEST book ever on how accountants are making a massive difference to themselves, their families, team members and their clients. The research study digs deep into the situation, the result and the impact. It is a very inspiring read. Everyone interested in the accounting profession should read this book."


We have a few hard copies available at HTA or your welcome to download a PDF version.

Download the World's Most Inspiring Accountants

HTA Advisory feature on page 217!! 

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