Xero Pricing Structure Changes

By Catherine Radburnd
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Xero recently announced their new and refreshed subscription plans globally to replace the Small, Medium and Large plans. Over the past few years, Xero has added hundreds of features to their accounting platform and continue to release new features every few weeks. This means that Xero is now a much more valuable tool than it was in the past.  See Xero's feature timeline to review all the innovative improvements they have provided us at no additional cost over the last five-plus  years.


The new pricing structure provides a better reflection of the value provided by the Beautiful Cloud-based software, and make it easier for you, our valued client, to use the features you need without paying for features you don't.

The change will be marginal for most of our clients – two-thirds of our Business Edition subscribers are only going to pay $1 more or may actually pay less per month.

The new plans are largely based around Payroll. Clients on Starter and Standard can pay up to 1 or 5 employees per month respectively, clients on Premium 10 can pay up to 10 employees per month, clients on Premium 20 can pay up to 20 employees per month, and so on.  All Premium plans come with multi-currency and automatic superannuation (currently only available for Large subscribers). This means that anyone who pays more than five employees gets both of these features!

Multi-currency in Xero

Xero is also increasing the file storage limits on Standard and Premium plans.  See my previous article for more detail on file storage in Xero.

Over the coming weeks, if you are subscribed to Xero through HTA, you will receive a letter in the mail outlining how these changes will effect you.  Any increases to your subscription will take effect on your January 2014 invoice.  Other Xero clients, not subscribed through HTA, will commence the new plan from 15th December 2013.

Once you've received your letter, if you have any questions, the HTA Advisory team is here to support you.

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