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Imagine receiving a 100% tax deduction for investing in your business.
Imagine spending 3 days with some of the most successful and inspirational business leaders in their space.
Imagine working with other non-competitive business owners who will collaborate with you and work on your business to implement some of the most successful business tips and strategies available today.
Imagine getting some great results for you and your business that will allow you to move to the top 10% in your field.

   Well…  It’s easy if you try.

And there are no catches. The word unique is over used so we won’t use that here. So let us just say that this powerful and practical Business Improvement Program will provide you with the mindset, the tools, the knowledge and support you need to build a truly extraordinary business.

Importantly you will learn how to implement these things to deliver sustainable results. The format has been specifically designed to allow all attendees to actually work on their business in a collaborative format. Loads of breakouts to work on your opportunities, shore up your issues and tackle your challenges.

You will hear from business leaders, sporting coaches and experts who have designed, worked in, grown, sold and developed great businesses and who have developed and mentored great people on all of the key ingredients for business success including

  • The Importance of Passion, Capability & Focus
  • Beginning with the End in Mind
  • Making Your Business Fly in a Digital World
  • Getting the Best out of your People
  • Staying Alive in Business
  • Moving Towards a Larger Business
  • How to Build Your Personal Brand in the Digital Economy
  • Leadership & Culture
  • Building Value & more options in your Succession/Exit Plan

Yes, you will need to invest three days of your life to build a more profitable, valuable and enjoyable business. A small investment we think which has been designed to seriously impact your business and life in a significant way.
And along the way you will be inspired, have fun and get loads of ideas that will take your business to another level. Some call that a great Return on Investment.

This Program is capped at 50 places so that your learning and ROI is maximized.

You will learn from the impressive line-up of speakers and other business owners from all sort of industries and at all different stages of their business life.

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This program is designed for any business owner, manager or emerging leader who is serious about getting improved outcomes for their business.

Like to know more or have your questions answered before you book? Call Alec Blacklaw directly on 0408 351403 or

Alternatively, contact your advisor at HTA Advisor to talk about the benefits of attending this seminar.

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